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The Lil Woods Lemon Diesel 0.5g disposable rechargeable vape pen, GSC dabwoods! A 0.5g disposable vape pen is a convenient & clean way to get your high on the go!


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Lil Woods Lemon Diesel, also called Lemon Sour Diesel, roared to life when Northern California’s Emerald Triangle crossed an OG (Pakistani x Chemdawg #4 x Lemon Thai, aka Lost Coast OG) with its own California Sour. According to Amsterdam Seeds, the genetics combined to create a flavor-laden strain with about 15-20% THC. 

A Sativa-leaning hybrid cross between a cutting of OG Kush and the breeder’s F1 Durban Poison strain, Lil woods loud resin, GSC produces a plant with multiple components and a powerful flower.

The new Lil woods loud resin 0.5g disposable rechargeable vape pen, Lil’Woods! A 0.5g disposable vape pen is a convenient & clean way to get your high on the go! Juiced up with live resin concentrate made from premium cannabis. 100% Loud Resin, ready to vape! It is fresh, loud and fire.

Do dabwoods disposable have nicotine?

This dabwoods disposable vape pen features a whole gram, 1.2% nicotine cartridge that boasts a strong, clean, and sweet flavor profile that will please the most experienced vape user.

GSC da woods is another pre-filled distilled oil cartridge that causes high THC content and does not give any proof. The available flavors speak to people who want a sweet-tasting vape. Although people confuse this company with GSC dabwoods, GSC dabwoods is its own company that mainly sells vape cartridges and products. These cartridges can deliver smooth hits and an incredible high. 

So far, the THC of our product ranges from 75-85%, ranking GSC dabwoods in the top 5 cartridges, with special lab results proven to be safe and NO VITAMIN E present.

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