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Dabwoods Gush Mintz is a cross of Kush Mints x F1 Durb x Gushers. This type of marijuana is a well-balanced hybrid containing 50% Sativa and 50% Indica. Gush vape is a high THC strain, and it is better to use it at night.

A Sativa-leaning hybrid cross between a cutting of OG Kush and the breeder’s own F1 Durban Poison strain, GSC produces a plant with multiple branches and a powerful flower.

Mintz vape juice’ Dabwoods 1 Gram disposable vape pen is an easy and healthy way to get elevated while on the go. This disposable pen is available in six strains: Biscotti, SFV OG, King Louis OG, GSC, Gush Mintz, Mints Vape Juice, Trainwreck, and Blue Dream. It contains 1 gram of premium cannabis concentrate. But this disposable is practical not only because it can be discarded after use but also because it can be recharged if you desire a high-voltage puff!

About this Gusher Mints Strain: 

When Northern California’s Emerald Triangle crossed an OG (Pakistani x Lemon Thai x Chemdawg #4, nicknamed Lost Coast OG) with its own California Sour, Gushmintz Strain, Lemon Diesel, also known as Lemon Sour Diesel, erupted. According to Amsterdam Seeds, the bloodlines produced a flavorful strain with a 15-20% THC content.


THC: 81.71%

Weight: .5 g

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