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A live rosin hybrid strain created by mating Zkittlez and Gelato is called Dabwood Zookies. But this solvent-free strain is ideal if you want something energetic and euphoric naturally. It has a sweet, sugary aroma and is adored for its fruity and delectable taste profile.

A real resin hybrid cross between Gelato and Zkittlez is called Zookies cartridge. But the flavor profile is sweet and candy-like, with notes of strawberries and lavender. This strain has a pleasant berry fragrance and delivers calming and uplifting effects that last a long time.

An indica variety is Zookies cartridge, But the strain tastes like watermelon, as its moniker suggests, and finishes with a candy-like flavor. Carts juice is beneficial as a sleeping aid or appetite stimulant due to its calming effects, which are as enjoyable as its sweet fragrance.

About this strain: platinum zookies

This LA-bred variety was named because of its candy-like aroma and vibrant nugs. But this strain, a cross between platinum zookies and Gelato #33, has a smooth flavor that matches the smell with a few different tropical and earthy undertones.

With a few different phenotypes, this hybrid strain can lean toward either a more dominant sativa or indica. But these nugs produce thick resin layers, making them extremely potent in any form. That may be why this Zooted carts strain is so elusive.

Unknown progenitors developed the friendly farm cartridges strain in an unidentified breeder’s garden. According to reports, it has an earthy undertone, and tastes and scents like sweet tropical fruit. But the cultivar allegedly has average THC and CBD levels of 17% and 3–10%, respectively.

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